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A Closer Look at the Recent Development

Npower update 2024: Is npower registration still on?

The answer is currently NO! Npower programme is suspended temporarily as at March 2024: according to the official Npower website announcement.

Why? The reasons are better known to the government, however here is the latest Npower update 2024.


Npower, launched in 2016, was designed to address the issues of unemployment and poverty among Nigerian youths by providing them with skills and tools necessary for economic self-sufficiency. The program encompassed various sectors, including education, health, agriculture, and technology, offering participants the opportunity to develop practical skills and gain work experience. Following are the current Npower update 2024.

The Suspension

The suspension of the Npower program came as a surprise to many, as the initiative had been widely praised for its positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries. The government, in an official statement, cited financial constraints as the primary reason for the suspension. This explanation has sparked debates and discussions among stakeholders, with some questioning the timing and transparency of the decision

Npower programme suspended

Controversial Transaction Behind Betta Edu's Suspension

Mrs. Edu faces severe backlash for authorizing the transfer of a staggering N585.2 million into the private bank account of a civil servant responsible for managing grants for Vulnerable Nigerians. The controversy unfolded just days after she suspended another official, Ms. Shehu, for alleged financial impropriety. Leaked documents exposed Mrs. Edu’s directive to move the funds from the National Social Investment Office’s account to the private account of Bridget Oniyelu, the accountant overseeing the federal government’s poverty intervention project known as Grants for Vulnerable Groups, a project under Mrs. Edu’s ministry.

Violation of Financial Regulations:

The leaked memo reveals that Mrs. Edu’s request in December contradicts multiple sections of Nigeria’s Financial Regulations 2009, designed to prevent fraud and corruption in government transactions. Chapter Seven, Section 713 explicitly states that personal money should never be deposited into a government bank account, nor should public money find its way into a private account. Any official found doing so is deemed to have acted with fraudulent intent.

Mrs. Edu's Defense and Legal Standpoint:

In response to the allegations, Mrs. Edu, through her media aide, Rasheed Zubair, defended the transaction, claiming it was within the bounds of legality in the country’s civil service. However, her stance clashes with the Financial Regulations, raising questions about the justification behind the controversial payment. The stark contradiction highlights the need for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Official Response: President Suspends Minister Betta Edu

President Bola Tinubu, responding to the gravity of the situation, announced the suspension of Mrs. Edu. The presidential spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale, emphasized the president’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability in the management of public funds. The suspension is part of a broader effort to address the allegations and maintain the credibility of the social investment programs.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that some certain Npower registration portals are online, collecting people’s data and asking them to pay certain amount of money for Npower registration and validation 2024. Intending applicants should beware of such scammers and watch out for official government announcement about Npower 2024 registration. 

EFCC Grants Betta Edu Bail: Npower Beneficiary Moan

The EFCC granted bail to Betta Edu, the suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, after questioning her about the approval of N585 million payment into a civil servant’s private account. President Bola Tinubu initiated the suspension and EFCC investigation in response to public outrage. Edu, complying with the EFCC’s summons, was held in custody until released on bail. The EFCC spokesperson, Dele Oyewale, confirmed her release without disclosing details but emphasized the ongoing investigation. Mrs. Edu’s predecessor, Sadiya Umar-Farouk, is also under investigation for a N37.1 billion money laundering allegation during her tenure. The EFCC remains committed to transparency and accountability in these high-profile cases.

Npower 2024 Suspension: Implications Beneficiaries and unemployed Youths

The suspension of Betta Edu and the uncertainty surrounding the National Social Investment Programme have direct implications for Npower beneficiaries and the unemployed youths in Nigeria. Many individuals who rely on Npower for financial support and skill development are now left in a state of limbo. With the suspension of program activities, including distributions and payments of stipend, these beneficiaries face potential financial strain, disrupting their daily lives and impeding the progress they have made through the program.

Hopeful Npower beneficiaries, whose stipends have been held for more than a year, had earlier got into happy mood when the “Renewed Hope Agenda” was revealed. Some actually got a renewed trust in the present government when alerts were flowing in during the festive period of December 2023.

The sudden halt to Npower operations could also impact the beneficiaries’ ability to access training opportunities and gain work experience, hindering their overall career development. This unforeseen disruption raises concerns about the broader socio-economic impact on the lives of those who have been actively participating in the Npower program.

As the government investigates the allegations and seeks to restore transparency in social investment programs, it is crucial to consider the welfare and concerns of Npower beneficiaries. Efforts should be made to mitigate the adverse effects of the suspension on these individuals, ensuring that the original goals of the Npower initiative—empowering and uplifting the youth—are not compromised in the process.

We hope its just a temporary delay as the hope of many Nigerian youths hang in the balance.

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